About Us

At the beginning of 2023, Elevate proudly concluded its operations after seven years of dedicated commitment to improving education in primary schools in Uganda. Although our active operations have come to a close, our impact still resonates. The honor page on our website is a testament to the numerous achievements, partnerships, and transformational moments that defined our journey. We invite you to explore this virtual archive with deep gratitude and a sense of accomplishment, celebrating the enduring legacy we leave behind. We firmly believe that the ripples of change we initiated will continue to shape the future of education in Uganda. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and we look forward to the continued positive transformation of the educational landscape in Uganda.

Founded in 2016 with the mission to improve the quality of education service delivery in Ugandan primary schools, Elevate worked closely with government and civil society partners over the past five years to understand the root causes driving the education system's ineffectiveness in Uganda. This exploration focused Elevate's work around two distinct challenges:

  • The need to leverage local expertise and elevate local voices to sustainably improve school quality.
  • The need to improve teacher effectiveness across the country.
  • Up until 2023, Elevate's community programs had benefited more than 60,000 Ugandan children across the Central and Eastern Regions.

    The Programs

    In close collaboration with government and community partners, Elevate designed, implemented and evaluated innovative mechanisms to improve accountability, oversight, and education system effectiveness in Uganda.

    In a world of competing priorities and limited resources, our approach increased the efficiency of education service delivery and amplified the impact of every dollar invested.

    The Village TEACH Program

    Village TEACH was a rigorously evaluated Community Solution program that empowered parents in rural Uganda to improve the quality of education at their child's school.

    In 2019, Elevate completed a rigorous impact evaluation on the Village TEACH Program in partnership with researchers at Innovations for Poverty Action.

    The impact evaluation found that the Village TEACH program:

    • Reduces student dropout by 40% Reduces student and teacher transfer by 20% and 12%, respectively
    • Increases teachers’ willingness to invest back in their school Increases parents’ likelihood to have visited their child’s school by 22%

    The Positive Deviance Program

    Positive Deviance was a multifaceted Community Solution program that sought to scale local solutions and local expertise to address education challenges across Uganda.

    • 150 Schools Reached
    • 2,505 Teachers Impacted
    • 304,827 Learners Impacted
    • 1,800 Parents & Community
    • Members Engaged in Kalliro, Luuka Iganga, Bugiri and Mayuge

    The TIET Partnership Program

    The TIET Partnership was a project with the Commission for Teacher and Instructor Education and Training at the Ministry of Education and Sports to strengthen data quality and information sharing between key stakeholders.

    • 995 Schools Engaged
    • 10,421 Teachers Impacted
    • 19,005 Learners Impacted
    • 59,700 Parents & Community
    • Members Engaged in Kayunga, Kampala and Mukono Districts